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Don't Use ABF U-Pack Moving!

We moved from Seattle, Washington to Brooklyn, New York during the month of October 2006. We used ABF U-Pack Moving, because they had a move-it-yourself system called ReloCubes, which are delivered to your door. You, or your hired movers, move everything into the ReloCubes, and then they are shipped to your new location. As we did not yet have an apartment, our ReloCubes were shipped to the nearest storage terminal in Brooklyn:

ABF Terminal – 218
(718) 599-9339

However our ReloCubes were not delivered as promised in the written and signed contract. This was the absolute worst moving experience we've ever had. On top of the $270.00 we lost on the 6 hours our movers just sat around and couldn't leave but had nothing to move, ABF U-Pack had the nerve to charge us $150 fee! If they hadn't done that, we would have just swallowed the $270.00 loss on the movers, but now we’re going to make sure everyone we can knows never to use your company, since it was such a terrible experience. We want this rectified immediately. If that happens, we can at least tell people, "Yes, mix-ups happen, but this was fixed and we’re pleased with the outcome." As it stands now, we cannot say that, and feel that we have a duty to warn people to stay away from this company.

The contract states that we are to do the following to schedule delivery of our ReloCubes: “General Instructions: To have the empty ReloCube(s) delivered or the loaded ReloCube(s) picked up, contact the ABF origin terminal at 253-854-0330. Contact the ABF destination terminal at 718-599-9339 to coordinate time of unloading. ABF provides service on Monday through Friday only. The transit time listed above does not include day of pickup, weekends, or holidays. For multiple container shipments, transit time is computed from the business day following pickup of the last piece of equipment.”

On Wednesday, October 25th 2006, we called 718-599-9339, as stated on our signed contract. We spoke with a woman, and scheduled to have our ReloCubes delivered on Monday, October 30, 2006 between 9 – 11 am. She told us that there might be an additional charge because we were billed for having our ReloCubes delivered to the terminal, so there could be an additional charge of $150 to have them delivered to our new address. She said if this were the case, she would call us by Friday, October 27th 2006. We did not receive a call. Our experience up to this point was fine, and we had followed everything on our signed contract to the letter.

When our ReloCubes hadn’t arrived by 10am on Monday October 30th, we called the Brooklyn terminal at 718-599-9339 to get an ETA. We were told that we hadn’t scheduled a delivery. After we told them repeatedly that we had done so on the previous Wednesday, and they needed to get our ReloCubes here immediately, they told us that WE had messed up and were supposed to call ABF’s main 1-800-240-7422 number to schedule the delivery. We read to them from the signed contract that we were to: “Contact the ABF destination terminal at 718-599-9339 to coordinate time of unloading,” which is exactly what we had done. We told them that if something else needed to be done on our end, then they needed to have told us to do so when we scheduled the delivery on Wednesday. Nothing is stated in the signed contract about calling ABF’s main 1-800 number to schedule the delivery.

We then called ABF’s main 1-800 number as directed by the employees at the Brooklyn terminal. They told us there was nothing they could do, and that we did not need to call them, that everything was supposed to be handled by the people at the Brooklyn terminal. We then called the Brooklyn terminal again and reported this information. They reverted to claiming that they had no record of us scheduling a delivery for today, (even though they had just told us that we had scheduled it, but scheduled it wrong) and continued to tell us it was our fault. At about 1:00 in the afternoon on Monday, October 30th, they admitted that they had found our reservation, booked by someone named Kim, scheduled for delivery between 9 – 11 am that day. They told us that to get it done, they would have to bill us an additional $150 charge. We told them that we were told that if we had to be billed additionally, we would have been contacted by the previous Friday. They told us they would not deliver our ReloCubes unless we agreed to the $150 charge. At this point we had paid two moving men $180 to do nothing, so we had no choice but to agree.

Our ReloCubes were delivered at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, October 30th 2006. The worst part of this terrible, incredibly stressful experience was the rudeness on the part of the people at the Brooklyn terminal. They lost our reservation, and tried to lie and cover it up repeatedly, by telling us that they didn’t even have a reservation, then that they did but that we were supposed to call different numbers, etc. When they finally admitted to their error, we were NEVER given an apology.

We demand an immediate resolution to this problem. Every single error in this process was because of the people at your Brooklyn terminal. Yet we are the ones who had to lose $270.00 for the six hours my moving men couldn’t do anything.

We are doing the following:

1. Posting this letter on our blog:
2. Posting this letter on Jessica’s MySpace page:
3. Posting this letter on Frank’s MySpace page:
4. Posting this letter on our new website:
5. Posting this letter on every review website we find.

Once we are satisfied with our experience, we will take this letter off these websites. In order for that to happen, we expect to be refunded $270.00, along with an apology. We expect to hear that the customer service will be improved at the Brooklyn terminal so this does not happen to other customers.


Jessica Arena & Frank Kaminski